Coach Xio

Health & Life Coach

Uncover the root cause of your problems to create the life you want.

Life Coaching

Uncover the truth to get rid of your fears and unlock your full potential in your life, finances, relationships, spirituality, and or career.

Health Coaching

Start living the lifestyle you always dreamed of by creating long-lasting habits that will change your body, mind, and overall health.
Helping You Achieve Success

Unlock Your Full Potential. Say Hello to THE NEW YOU

I help children and adults uncover the root cause of their problems and create an effective and simple plan to overcome the obstacles of achieving the life they always wanted.

Find the root cause of your problems.

See life from a simple perspective.

Create a crystal clear plan to achive your goals.

Life is a skill wanting to be learned. Are you ready?

Why tomorrow? Today sounds like a good time to start.

Goal Setting

Create a lifestyle that will lead you to sucess by changing and establishing healthy habits.

Relationship Coaching

Learn the skills that will set you up for success in your love life, family, relationships and career.

Stress Management

Stress is one of life’s silent killers. Learn how to identify and manage stress to succeed.

Financial Mindset

Establish a financial mindset that will guide all your money decisions and set you up for success instead of self-sabotage.

About Me

If I could describe myself in one phrase it would be: “ I am a Survivor.”

A survivor is a person who manages to be alive after an event that would result in death and that copes with the difficulties of life. I have learned to not let life “kill me” in all areas: body, spirit, emotions, socially, and psychologically; and to bring “Life” were once there wanted to be death.

I am a former mental health professional, educator, dancer, youth leader, and now coach equipped with the knowledge, experience, and tools to help you succeed in life and cope with the difficulties it might bring. I was known by my cowokers in mental health as a professional who was able to uncover the root cause of problems and create crystal clear guidance leading to accelerated results.

I believe every human being is capable of success, love, stability and peace. You just need to learn how to achieve and sometimes create them. You are in charge of your life even when everything is upside down. You can be the only thing up right.

Let me walk with you on your journey of creating a life of purpose. The time is Now! What are you waiting for?

How much do the sessions and programs cost?

Here are the sessions and programs costs and what they include. If you are interested in a Coaching Program, I recommend booking an Opening the Relationship (OTR) Session first. This will alow you to discuss with Coach Xio which programs fits best your needs. The OTR fee will be waived if you enroll in a coaching program.

Opening the Relationship (OTR) Single Session
  • Get to know your coach to decide if she is the right fit for you.
  • One full hour of one on one coaching.
  • Uncover what is stopping you from achieving your goals.
  • Create a crystal clear plan that will facilitate success.
  • Cost of this session will be waived if you decide to sign in to one of the coaching programs.
  • Cost: $60
Breakthrough Single Session
  • One hour of one-on-one coaching on any of the following areas: health, body, career, relationships, love, spiritual life or finances.
  • Problem solving focused.
  • Uncover what is stopping you to achieve your goals.
  • Create a problem solving plan that will bring inevitable success.
  • Option of signing up for one of the coaching programs to continue working on the area of interest if desired.
  • Cost: $80
Target Focused Coaching Program
  • Six one hour coaching sessions focused on one health, body, career, relationships, love, spiritual life or financial problem.
  • Additional Discovery Session included to determine plan of action. 
  • Uncover what has been stopping you from achieving success.
  • Develop a powerful vision to achieve the desired goals.
  • Create healthy and effective habits to maintain results.
  • Text and email support availability during the week.
  • Digital materials as needed.
  • Cost: $625
The Total Transformation 90-Day Intensive Program
  • Free Discovery Session focused on uncovering the desired health, body, career, relationships, love, spiritual or financial lifestyle desired.
  • Twelve one hour weekly sessions focused on creating habit changes that last.
  • Create a new lifestyle  and habits step by step.
  • Unleash total transformation in your whole life.
  • Prepare you to start living the life that you always desired and maintain it.
  • Crystal clear step by step plan on how to achieve your goals.
  • Text and email support availability during the week.
  • Digital materials included.
  • Cost: $1,250
Coaching For Children
  • Coaching for children ages 8-18 yrs old. 
  • Parent needs be involved in the process.
  • Child needs to be able to engage and participate in the coaching process.
  • Sessions and programs available are listed in the previous tabs.
  • Cost: Prices listed in sessions and program costs on above tabs.
  • Disclaimer: Coaching is not therapy or counseling services. In the case your child is in need of them, Coach Xio will help you find the right services for your child.


“My son is now receiving the help he needed. After seeking so many professionals with no answer, Xio was able to pin point the problem in one conversation. This helped us in the evaluation process with the psychologist. I finally understood that there was nothing wrong with my son, he just learns in a different way.”

Mother and Educator

“As a binge eater and excessive spender, I saw this opportunity as a “what do I have to lose?” Surprise, surprise, I lost a great deal: I lost my excuses and I lost my fear. With thess losses I gained: self-respect, to give myself grace and to celebrate each and every one of my achievements. My default is no longer binge, but balance. That is the gratest lost-gain ever. Coach Xio taught me to see things through a lense of gratitude, to reframe myself as the hero in my story and to embrace the idea that my journey is perfect… just like me.”


“I started with Xiomara because my history tends to haunt me. Excessive experience with being misused, mistreated, mental and emotional abuse, and more. It wears on my mentality and motivation, daily. I never thought I was good enough and ever strike against me cut deep. What’s the point was like a motto my brain sung daily.

I was afraid to try to do things I wanted to. I was afraid I was never good enough, and that I could not succeed. I always had an excuse why it would suck. Nothing I did would turn out, so it was better to just shut myself down and deal with it.
Working with Xiomara helped me to at least try. To put myself forward. It’s not always easy, but it’s worth it. She reminds you that small steps make those leaps possible. Believing in yourself helps the fear subside. She helped me to see the plus side of what I always saw to be my down side.

Sessions with Xiomara have exceeded my expectations. Everyday has been a chance to put in the work that she has help me to see. I can visualize my future, and I know I can get there!”


Mom and Teacher

Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Reward Yourself.

Life is a skill, which means you can learn how to live through experiences, modeling, difficulties, challenges, and lessons. There are many basic life skills that can be learned to help us in our journey. Why make it harder on ouselves if you can learn to live better? Why let life happen to us instead of life happenig for us? And even if life happens to us, how can I turn it into a positive?

The time is Now! To take the step, to decide to take control of yourself. Be the master of your life. The more you wait, the longer it will take to become the person you were meant to be.

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Forging Your Own Path Today!


Coach Xio

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